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Quality Assurance Program

Alcyon’s Quality Assurance Program (QAP)

Alcyon’s Quality Assurance Program (QAP) is founded on quality assurance concepts and principles recognized throughout the space and defense quality community. These concepts and principles lead to processes, mechanisms, and practices that ensure all Task Order requirements are fulfilled in a manner that achieves a high level of customer satisfaction, consistently produces high-quality deliverables, and demonstrates a commitment to continuously improving quality and efficiency.  The QAP is designed to ensure that SeaPort-e customers receive high value and a high degree of satisfaction the first time, every time.  Our quality program encompasses Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) approaches for all Seaport TOs.  The goals of the Alcyon QAP include:

• Providing outstanding products and services at the best possible value

• Meeting or exceeding customer expectations

• Achieving excellence in all we do, and

• Continually improving our processes

Alcyon’s quality philosophy builds in quality through controlled work processes developed by employees performing each front-line function. The inspection and auditing systems validate the effectiveness of the work processes. A trained and motivated workforce creates a focus on quality resulting in improved performance.  The QAP defines the processes and methods that all members of the Alcyon SeaPort-e Team will use to monitor and inspect the quality requirements and metrics, and includes:  

• Establishing clear lines of authority

• Defining roles and responsibilities

• Instituting accountability

• Developing and instilling effective processes

• Engaging in inspection and monitoring techniques

• Reporting methods

• Using corrective/preventive action processes

Alcyon QAP objectives are measurable and consistent across all Task Order SOWs. Our SeaPort-e QAP is reviewed at least annually in the context of the Alcyon Corporate Quality Program Guidelines and is updated, as necessary, based on self-evaluations, trends, lessons learned, and changes in regulatory requirements. Significant changes to our QAP are implemented only after review and approval by Alcyon’s SeaPort-e Program Manager (PM) and Corporate Quality Manager (CQM).  Alcyon’s commitment to continuous improvement in Quality and customer satisfaction, establishes it as a “Best Value” partner for SeaPort-e customers.