The Alcyon Logistics services core capability draws from extensive experience providing logistics material asset support to meet NASA’s operational support requirements.

Personal Property Management

Personal Property Management focuses upon the day-to-day procedures and practices by which personal property assets are acquired, allocated, and managed. This includes support to the following functional management focus areas:

  • Equipment Management
  • Supply and Materials Management
  • Disposition Management

Mail and Freight Management

Mail and Freight Management focuses upon the efficient, effective, and economical management of internal, incoming, and outgoing mail and material that supports NASA’s official requirements.

Transportation and Fleet Management

Transportation and Fleet Management focuses upon the management of both Agency-owned and General Services Administration (GSA) – leased vehicles, shipments, moves, fuel usage, fleet card use, and the transit subsidy program.

Life Cycle Logistics Support and Supply Chain Management

Life Cycle Logistics Support and Supply Chain Management focuses upon the procedures and practices to implement life cycle support that ensures NASA’s flight hardware systems and associated ground systems will provide required operational availability at minimum life cycle cost.


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