What We Do

Alcyon delivers mission and operational support services to NASA and the Department of Defense. Our customers have come to know Alcyon for being there when it counts.

We are proud to be a trusted partner for NASA and defense agencies across the country, providing expert, integrated services needed to support mission requirements. Our experience and expertise spans management support, logistics, engineering, laboratory services, and information technology. We meet these challenges with relevant experience and a commitment to being the partner that brings exceptional performance. No doubt, we can successfully perform the required effort at the right price, delivered on schedule and on time.


We provide supply chain management services in support of both military and NASA logistics management operations.

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Engineering Services

We provide a wide-range of services centering on systems engineering, software engineering, test and evaluation and modelling and simulation.

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Laboratory Services

We perform highly specialized laboratory services to include gas, materials and environmental laboratory analysis; maintenance of measurement standards and the calibration and repair of instrumentation.

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Information Technology

We provide a wide range of information technology services in support of institutional, program and project objectives for NASA, resident organizations, and onsite contractors.

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Management Services

We work seamlessly with clients managing and guiding projects through every detail. We are recognized for our exceptionally skilled and experienced performance management personnel and a highly-trained workforce.

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